Current Projects

Aging and Work in the 21st Century: 2nd Edition (Shultz)

Recent Projects

2016 Vogelsang studies rural-urban differences in older-adult social participation and its relationship with health.

2015 Lund studies bereavement intervention

2015 Shultz writes about late-career theories

2014 Dabbs studies the effect of vibration on the balance of elderly women

2014 Lund, Lindfelt, and Shon study respite caregiving

2014 Shultz studies late-career employee engagement

2014 Shultz studies post-retirement life

2013 Lund studies bereavement support groups

2013 Shultz writes about the changing nature of work and retirement

2013 Shultz co-authors book on late-life career issues

2012 Lund studies time use during caregiving


2016 Vogelsang comments on cognitive decline study

2016 Shultz comments on retirement study

2016 Shultz reviews book on later retirement

2015 Shultz comments on retirement planning

2015 Shultz comments on life after work